Ankara Uydu Servisi Haktanır Elektronik Ankaradaki En Kaliteli Hizmet

Dola Gıda Sanayi ve Dış Ticaret Ltd. Şti. Our human resources policy; to provide our employees with the best and highest quality working environment.VISION:To be the preferred company in the national and international arena with its quality and original products. MISSION: Using all sources in the light of scientific data; to produce higher quality, innovative and different products and offer them to the service of humanity.With this purpose, our goals are;To create a result-oriented and fast decision-making organizational structure and to train employees with high competencies who will implement it at every point.Implementing a competitive, accurate compensation and benefits policyTo create human resources with high loyalty to the company and employee satisfactionTo train leaders who will contribute to the achievement of the main goals of the company and itself by supporting the success and continuous development of the employees.In order to reach our goals as Dola Gıda; We are looking for talented teammates who can adapt to the rapid change in the market, are success-oriented, passionate about what they do.We want to work with friends who will contribute to development wholeheartedly with us who are open to innovations and adopt quality and excellence as a principle.

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